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  1. (4) After a burial-transit permit is issued, the person who issued the permit shall forward the death certificate or preliminary report and the record of the burial-transit permit to the clerk of the municipality, or to the clerk of the county, in the case of an unorganized town or gore, where death occurred on the first official working day.
  2. Burial permits can be obtained in person or by mail. To Obtain a Burial Permit IN PERSON. To obtain a burial permit you will need the following information and documents available when you arrive: 1. The decedents full name. 2. Date of birth. 3. Date of death. 4. City of Death. 5.
  3. under the General Concrete Burial permit be terminated. The notice of termination request shall be submitted via the MPCA's E-services available at progressive.sailasaxewalkerkazijar.infoinfo [Minn. R. ] This permit does not release the permittee(s) from any .
  4. state of utah department of health office of vital records and statistics this permit must accompany remains to destination _____ state file number requirements for cremation / burial-transit permits: information as reported on the original death certificate 1. decedent's name (first, middle, last) 2.
  5. Permit for the Archaeological Excavation of Human Remains (PDF) About Burial Permits: A permit from the Director of DHR is required for archaeological recovery of all human skeletal remains and associated artifacts from any unmarked grave, regardless of the age of the burial or archaeological site or ownership of the property.
  6. 2. (a) Complete the Burial-Transit Permit Section if applying for a burial-transit permit. This permit is to be obtained prior to cremations and transporting of any dead body out of the State of Arkansas. The Local Registrar or Deputy Registrar must sign the permit. (b) Sexton may require burial permit prior to burial in the State of Arkansas. 3.
  7. The person in charge of the place of burial or other disposition shall endorse upon the permit, the date of interment, or cremation or other disposition over his signature, and shall return all permits so endorsed to the registrar of his district within seven days after the date of interment, cremation or other disposition.

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